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AK-47/ AKM Zero Target

TAC AK Zero Target

This target is the one that we take out to the Zero range during Wolverine Wednesday. It is specifically made for 7.62x39 ammunition, as this is the most common type of AK that we see. I will build a 5.45x39 version if we get enough requests for it.

I laid out the following information on the target:

П/Р = This is the battle sight setting for the AKM sliding rear sight. This setting should be zeroed at 18meters (19yards) and confirmed at 240meters (262yards.) With this zero, you can hold the sight at "belt level" of a man sized target and get torso level hits in a 7" diameter circle out to 300meters (328yards)

"1" = This is the 100meter setting for the AKM sliding rear sight. It should be zeroed at 49meters (54yards) and confirmed at 100meters (109yards.) This setting is appropriate for targets 50-150 meters away.

"2" = This is the 200meter setting for the AKM sliding rear sight. It should be zeroed at 22meters (25yards) and confirmed at 200meters (218yards) It is most appropriate for more accurate shooting in the 200meters to 250meter range. It is an excellent zero if you plan on shooting at an indoor range with limited distance.

Red Dot Sights = There are many different zero's that you can go with on a red dot. The zero that I suggest is the 35yard to 186yard zero. This helps bridge all three of the above sight settings into one comprehensive sight picture. Keep in mind, at 250 I suggest holding the dot around head level, or one dot width high. At 300yards I would hold 2 dot width high, or put the dot on top of the head of your target.

Feel free to send us input on the target. We would also love to see photos or videos of you actually using the target on the range. You can reach us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, and even through regular email.

 If you are looking for an AK front sight tool, here is a direct link to one on amazon. Full Disclosure, We do receive credit from amazon for click on this link.

I would like to give a big thanks to The Savannah Arsenal Project for putting all of this information into a very lengthy and helpful blog post. If you are in search of a very detailed description of the information I have laid out here, head over to the link I have embedded.