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Cardboard Target Tutorial

This week I decided to build a tutorial for how I build cardboard dry fire targets. You can place these around a room or attach magnets to them and stick them to your favorite magnetic surface.

Start with whatever cardboard box you have lying around

Identify which section will work best for your use. I used on of the fordable flaps for this particular project with the 1/6 Scale Targets.

Cut the flap or section of cardboard out to make it easier to work with.

Cut out the paper version of your target to use as a tracing guide

Trace the outline of your target with a marker or pen. I prefer to do multiple at one time, to make life easier.

Cut the targets out along the lines that you just created. There will be cardboard scraps, so have a garbage can on standby.

This step is optional, but I prefer to have some of the dotted reference lines for my dry practice sessions. Lay the paper guide over your cut out cardboard targets.

Using the dotted lines as a guide, use the tip of a knife to punch holes around the perimeter of the A,C,and D zones.

How detailed you go is up to you. I have 3 examples here for you. Left to right: All of the dotted lines punched out, the corners and edges punched out, no reference points at all. You could also do this step with a marker or pen by cutting out the sections from your paper guide.

I like to use adhesive magnets in order to place these on the dry erase board at the office. This step is also completely optional.

This final product on my dry erase board with the original guide. I find that the paper guide starts to wear out after 3 uses, so the 1/6 Scale target is pretty good for this project. If you need a larger target, check out our Printable Scaled Targets.


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