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TAC Dot Target

TAC Dot Target


This target is specifically built as a warm up for handgun fundamentals. Any skill level can use this target. Beginner to Expert.

Engage each circle 3x

Take the time to Isolate each skill during this drill.

Line 1: Establish a solid grip. Bring both hands together and imagine that your palms are the teeth of a nutcracker. Your fingers are the pin. The goal is to use friction to your advantage in order to create less variables in the recoil path. Line your front sight up with the vertical line and press the trigger to the rear. Any variation left to right will be a good indicator of any inconsistencies in your grip.

Line 2: Get a sharp focus of the top razor's edge of the front sight post. The goal here is to get an absolutely perfect sight picture and to maintain that throughout the entire trigger press and follow through. Use the horizontal line as a refrence point for the tip of your front sight.

Line 3: Focus on the small white dot in the center of the black one. This might be a new concept to some shooters. Your eyes will want to travel back to the front sight again, but do not let them. Acquire your perfect sight picture from Line 2 and shift your focus completely to the target during the entire trigger press and follow through

Line 4: Focus on every single piece of grit, creep, and movement in your trigger. Pay very close attention to everything that you are feeling as your finger takes up the slack and moves through the wall. This will help you get very familiar with the relationship between your trigger finger and the trigger of this particular gun. Isolation of the trigger finger is critical to building a connection between your brain and the gun. The goal is to relax and forget about the recoil. This drill is just you and the trigger finger, nothing else.

Line 5: Focus on placing a round perfectly in the center of the circle while using all of the fundamentals from the previous drills. Let the recoil happen. The goal of this drill is to reset the trigger during the recoil cycle. Your trigger finger should arrive back at the trigger wall, with all slack taken out, ready to fire the next round. Do not pin your trigger to the rear. Working on this skill will assist you with follow up shots and eliminate trigger freeze.