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Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA EDC Flashlight Review

Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA EDC Flashlight Review

After carrying it almost every day for about 2 and a half years, I feel comfortable recommending it as a durable carry option for any person trying to add a flashlight to their every day carry load out.

Light: This small light boasts 350 lumens in high and 40 lumens in low. To some of you who may be victim to the current "lumen race" you may think that 350 or 40 lumens is way to low to be usable. I would be quick to caution you in this thought process. After carrying this light for the amount of time that I have, I can honestly say that there are more situations that have required the lower 40 lumen light than a 350 lumen light. Often times I am searching for a small roll pin or working in a confined space. I find that when I am trying to focus on an object very close up, lower light is better. An EDC light of this size simply isn't designed to be searchlight from a helicopter. It is however, a tool that you can use every single day.

Carry: Comfort is always a big factor when putting anything into your pockets, especially if you are going to carry it daily. It is small enough in diameter not to be too bulky, and it is short enough not to poke me when bending over. It also has a reversible clip that allows flexibility when choosing how to carry the light.

Battery: An awesome feature that was built into this light, is the ability to switch battery types from CR123 to AA and back. There is a small decrease in performance with AA, but it really isn't noticeable unless you are looking at the light comparison back to back. The biggest advantage of the packaging that we choose is that the flashlight comes with both a CR123 and a AA battery. This way you can conduct your own testing and figure out what you like.

When combined with a firearm or other self defense tool, a flashlight will always be a force multiplier. It will allow you to properly identify your target, what is beyond it, and to illuminate your sights in order to draw them into your focus during a violent encounter. It can also aid in de-escalation of a situation, which is always preferred over escalating to any sort of violent encounter.

This should go without saying but any time that you add a new tool that you plan on using during a violent encounter, you should practice and familiarize yourself with the capabilities and limitations of it. Conduct drills and test out what you can and cannot do while employing an external flashlight. In conjunction with this practice, you should be testing your light out every once in a while to make sure that your batteries still work. There are few things worse than having the tool you need, but it fails you simply due to negligence.

I highly recommend the Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA for all these reasons stated above. I take recommendations for items like this very seriously. Pick up your own version of this flashlight either by going to the gear section of our website or visiting our retail location on the Las Vegas Strip.

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