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The NeoMag - A solution to carrying an extra mag

I ran across the Neo Mag originally through Instagram, and honestly, I thought it was just yet another gimmicky gun item.
I remember seeing it actually used in a couple of videos, and contrary to that weird boomer cell phone carrier holster that keeps popping up on my youtube ads, I started to see the validity in using it.

Flash forward to Shot Show 2019. I saw the Neo Mag guys in a small booth tucked in the corner of an upstairs off shoot. I finally had the chance to try the actual product with a Sig P365.
It took me a couple of draws, but it started to be very instinctual. I knew that I needed to start carrying one if I was going to ever recommend it to anyone.

A few months later, I had a Regular NeoMag with Black Cerakote clip in my pocket. The nice thing about the retaining clip is that it comes super stiff from NeoMag. I have tried it on jeans, board shorts, Military Uniforms, and even underwear. It does a really good job of grabbing on to whatever it is clipped to.
From EDC, hiking in the woods, and even jumping on a trampoline, it does a great job of hanging on to your extra magazine.


Covered by shirt                                  Shirt moved aside

The way I draw with the NeoMag on is pretty intuitive. I point my index finger at the ground and then insert by thumb behind the base plate. This way I have a great index on the mag before sliding it out.

If I am doing dry practice or live fire drills, putting the mag back into the NeoMag is pretty simple as well. Just reverse the steps for draw, and it slides right in.

Pick your own NeoMag up today from