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Combat Combover - Beard Oil - AWOL

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You waited years to grow out your man-mane, put some respek on it!

The Important Stuff: AWOL is our fragrance-free beard oil. It contains the highest quality ingredients! We don’t use cheap carrier oils to fill our bottles- NEVER! Our shit is the real deal! Our main ingredient is:

Argan Oil
The highest quality hair oil money can buy! High in antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins. Contains about 7x the amount of Omega-6 than jojoba. Improves hair’s elasticity and protects it from sun damage.

Other ingredients include:

Jojoba Oil
Industry’s go-to hair oil. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Helps prevent hair loss and promotes thickness.

Sweet Almond Oil
Nourishes and strengthens your hair to prevent breaking and hair loss. High vitamin and protein content smooths out the cuticles, increasing the natural shine of your man-mane.

Grape Seed Oil
Naturally moisturizes and conditions hair. Promotes hair growth.

Avocado Oil
Rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats. Penetrates the hair shaft and strengthens roots. Contains Vitamin D which encourages the growth of new hair follicles.

Tea Tree Oil
Promotes healthy hair growth. Helps prevent itchiness and has natural antiseptic properties.