TAC 702 Paracord Bracelet - "Samurai"

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Not only useful for survival and emergency situations, TAC 702's stylish paracord bracelet "Samurai" looks great too!

"Samurai" is made with black 325 Paracord highlighted with an antique Samurai Helmet charm and a metallic buckle.

  • High-Quality Paracord made of polyester and graded for 325 lbs. for extra durability and better performance when wet.  This makes it the perfect EDC Gear.
  • Samurai Helmet charm integrated into the bracelet.
  • Size: Approximately 8". Fits 7" wrist loosely.
  • Custom sizes are available:  Purchase the standard size item(s) and email your custom size requirements to customerservice@tac702.com. Reference your order number with the email and custom size.
  • Colors: Black