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TAC Paracord - "Spartan & Shield"


 TAC 702's stylish "Spartan & Shield" paracord bracelet looks great, and is made with 325 Black Paracord in black with a 550 Grey Paracord accented throughout highlighted with lead-free brass casting in antique silver  Spartan Mask and stainless steel Shield charm along with a metal alloy buckle.


  • High-Quality Paracord made of polyester and graded for 325lbs and 550lbs for extra durability and better performance when wet. This makes it the perfect gift.
  • Spartan Mask and Shield charms integrated into the bracelet.
  • 3/8" metal alloy buckle / lead-free brass casting helmet charm & stainless steel shield.
  • Cord-Colors: 325-Black / 550-Grey
  • NOTE: Each bracelet is handmade right here in the USA. It is our mission to provide you with a quality product using quality materials.
    • Please note that paracord colors vary depending on the manufacturer's lot. The colors are close, but they can have variations.

This is a discontinued design and will no longer be available once sold out.

Sizes Available:
  • Medium - 7”

Custom sizes are available! Purchase the Custom Size option and email your wrist size measurements to Reference your order number with the email and custom size.

Finding the Correct Size for your Bracelet

  • Use a measuring tape or a piece of string to measure the size of your wrist. Be sure the measuring tape or string is snug to your wrist.
  • There will be approximately 1/2" added to allow room for comfort and shrinking.

Is your bracelet slightly too large? You can shrink it about a 1/4" by soaking it in water and then letting it air dry.